Unicorn Moonbeam Short Sequin Overalls


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Your unicorn dreams have just been answered! 
These unicorn moonbeam overall shorts are hot off the press, and are pretty much the sparkliest fabric known to mankind. With an iridescent pastel blue/ silver sheen (and a fabric colour which is literally impossible to describe in words) you are bound to be the thing of unicorn daydreams.
The straps are made out of holographic moon-python skin sourced from the 18 moons of Jackalopeland- which are adjustable to your size.
In order to make these the perfect pair of overalls to clip on and waltz through the day, there are two side pockets and one front pouch to store your belongings. Personally, we like to keep snacks in the front pouch like a little hamster so that the day just gets that much better... But there are lots of things you can keep in your front pouch- small rodents, glitter, spare socks, skittles... we are not going to limit you!
Please check your sizing here:
We recently altered our overalls to make them a tighter fit, so to obtain the baggy fit we recommend going a size up. Also keep in mind the fabric has stretch so we recommend allowing for an extra inch or 1.5" on top of the measurements:

X-Small: Hip= 33.5" Thigh Circumference= 20"
Small: Hip= 35.5" Thigh Circumference= 22"
Medium: Hip= 39" Thigh Circumference= 24"
Large: Hip= 42" Thigh Circumference= 26"
All sizes, dimensions and fabric descriptions are listed at the bottom of every individual product description. 
Please email us at create@umbalove.com or go to our contact page to submit questions or requests. 

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