Hooded Halter Dress in Tie Dye

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Turquoise Tie Dye with Plum/Olive/Blue/Black
Plum Tie Dye with Pink/Blue/Black
Dark Olive Tie Dye with Plum/Blue/Lime
Black Tie Dye with Plum/Pink/Blue/Lime

Fabric: Organic Stretchy Cotton Blend . 95% organic cotton, 5% stretch

A multi-functional design and evolution of our WDO-305A and B Halter Dress. Now with braided ties and in our new tie dye colour combos.

The back is adjustable by tying the drawstring ties tighter and higher or looser and lower. When you tighten higher in the back the design becomes a top. And when you tie lower in the back it becomes more backless and the design becomes a dress as it can go over your booty.

The neckline has a cowl which is also a hood that comes up over your head from behind your neck. There is a drawstring in the hood too so if you are doing yoga and downward dog you can tighten it up so the hood doesn't go in your face.

The bottom of the design also has a drawstring to make sure it is snug around your legs when you're wearing as a dress.

When you turn the entire piece of its side it actually becomes a shawl!

When you put it on as a dress make sure the drawstring is at the lower back where the label is too. That way it is easiest to tighten the draw string and keep the side torso area inside the design.

Five colour combos like all of our new tie dye. All colours have Black braids for the drawstrings.

Shown: -Charcoal Tie Dye with Plum, Turquoise, Blue, Black.

-Turquoise Tie Dye with Plum, Olive, Blue and Black. (arriving soon)

-Plum Tie Dye with Pink, Blue, Black.

-Dark Olive Tie Dye with Plum, Blue, Lime.

-Black Tie Dye with Plum, Pink, Blue, Lime.


Sizing is two sizes combined as design is very stretchy and adjustable. The more generous the size the longer the design. It also depends on your style so if you like tight and sexy go for the smaller size and if you would prefer more gathered and longer go for the more generous.

XSmall/Small: Size 2 to 4. Bust 24". Waistband 24". Hip 24". Length 47".

Small/Medium: Size 4 to 6. Bust 26". Waistband 26". Hip 26". Length 48".

Medium/Large: Size 6 to 8. Bust 28". Waistband 28". Hip 28". Length 49".

Large/XLarge: Size 8 to 10. Bust 30". Waistband 30". Hip 30". Length 50".

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