Dragon Embers Long Sequin Overalls


Only 2 pieces in stock!

Made from naturally shed dragon skin from the flaming mountain ranges of Jackalope Land, these sparkly long overalls are hotter than the flaming beasts they came from!
Made with the highest quality sequin fabric and an extremely soft lining, these overalls are not just the sparkliest thing you will own- but the most comfortable. 
(no scratchy polyester lining here!) The bottom of the pants are elasticated, which means you can pull them up to be calf length if you wish.
The straps on these overalls are made out of (naturally shed) holographic dragon "skin" from our flaming mountain ranges and are completely adjustable. In order to make these the perfect pair of overalls to clip on and waltz through the day, there are two side pockets and one front pouch to store your belongings.
All sizes, dimensions and fabric descriptions are listed at the bottom of every individual product description. 
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